A Beautiful Peat Face Mask Experience!


You have to try this mask from Ogra, it’s so much more than another face mask. Well first of all it’s made from 100% Irish peat, yes, the black stuff from the ground. That’s all there is in it, there is no smell, which surprised me at first, I thought I was going to have to endure an earthy, slightly unpleasant odour but not at all. A beautician friend tells me that this is especially great as salons can then add their own tailored scents, depending on the treatment. Who would have thought? Personally I like the zero smell,natural approach.

Anyway, this has become part of my weekend routine and always use it before a night out or if I want to look particularly radiant. I have perfected the application and so I thought I’d share it. The peat tends to dry in the jar once the seal has been broken, so before every application I add water to get the right consistency. This should be ‘gloopy’ and falling off your fingers but not too runny. Your skin should be spotlessly clean and the mask can be applied all over, minding the delicate eye area. This works particularly well on the neck and décolletage, don’t be afraid to slap it on, you’ll be thankful!

Wash your hands and prepare to relax for 15 minutes. I like to lie on my bed and read something nice, generally unwind…. But this is important – the mask will tingle like crazy, I find a quick spritz with a water spray helps this and keeps it moist and comfortable. The active ingredients in the peat are working!

The best way to remove the mask is in the shower, rub your face and ‘masked’ area with warm water. This has the extra benefit of exfoliating your skin beautifully.

Now see how you glow! And appear instantly more youthful, never mind feel amazing. The best follow up is Ogra’s Anti-ageing moisturiser which will also tingle and zing (more fab peat ingredients). You’ll be in great form heading out for the night, I have to confess, I’m a bit of an addict!

To find out more about Ogra in Australia http://www.irishorganics.com.au

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